GAMMO pass-through dishwasher with 50x50cm dishwasher rack DELUXE

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Article number: GAMH500PD
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Product description

GAMMO pass-through dishwasher with 50x50cm dishwasher rack DELUXE

Commercial dishwasher for washing plates, glasses, cups, cutlery, pass-through design. The appliance has a stainless steel inner part and cover.
Version with drain pump and detergent dispenser.
The device is delivered without an electric cable and must be installed by a specialized technician!

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Dishwasher rack dimensions: 500x500 mm
Electromechanical control
2 washing cycle: 90" or 180"
And continuous cycle up to the manual stop
Stainless steel filters
Stainless steel and plastic upper and lower washing arms
Maximum glass height: 420 mm
Maximum plate diameter: 320 mm
Washing tank capacity: 45 liters
Boiler capacity: 7 liters
Amount of water used for rinsing: 3 liters/cycle
Drain outlet: 370 mm high, can be connected to a protrusion up to 680 mm high with the flexible tube
Adjustable temperature control (factory default setting 60oC for washing dishes, 85oC for rinsing)
Rinse aid dosing pump

Accessories: 1 plate rack, 1 glass rack, 2 cutlery racks

We also recommend:
8 liter manual water softener (protect your device from calcification! Higher water softeners may be required for higher loads!)
Plus 14x24cm wide dishwasher rack for cutlerys
Plus 50x50cm dishwasher rack for plates
Plus 50x50cm dishwasher rack for glasses
Run-in or run-out shelf
Run-in or run-out table - left
Run-in or run-out table - right

The appliance works with liquid chemicals for industrial dishwashers. For perfectly clean dishes, we recommend these proven cleaners:
- GAMMO CLEAN dishwasher detergent and
- GAMMO SHINE machine rinse aid

Technical details

  • Power (W)11100
  • Electrical connection (Volt / Hz)400/50
  • Width (mm)675
  • Depth (mm)675
  • Height (mm)1420/1875
  • Net weight (kg)108

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