MAXIMA Heated food display 55 cm wide

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Country of origin: China
Article number: 09400770
TARIC code: 84198180
Warranty: 1 year(s)

Product description

MAXIMA Heated food display 55 cm wide

Professional heated food display for keeping sandwiches, pastries, appetizers and other snacks warm. 

Bent glass at the front, glass door at the back
Stainless steel structure
Chrome grid shelf
Efficient heat distribution
Water compartment for humid warming
Adjustable temperature between 30-90 o
Durable and high performance heating unit

Technical details

  • Capacity (liter)25
  • Power (W)800
  • Electrical connection (Volt / Hz)230/50
  • Width (mm)554
  • Depth (mm)376
  • Height (mm)311
  • Net weight (kg)13

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