ANKARSRUM Assistent AKM6230SL stand mixer - shiny lilac color

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Country of origin: Sweden
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Warranty: 1 year(s)

Product description

ASSISTENT AKM6230SL stand mixer - shiny lilac color

IMPORTANT! We deliver this product only to Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Bulgaria. If you need assistance in locating your nearest distributor, feel free to contact us via email.

The Assistent stand mixers are the revolutionary equipments for domestic and semi-professional use.
This Swedish appliance is easy to use. Thanks to many functions and the high quality of seven-year manufacturer's warranty Assistent became a werry popular machine in Europe.
The very rugged, but also lightweight and small machine is suitable for all kitchen tasks.

7 years warranty on the motor and gear
Stepless adjustable speed
Continuous use or with timer (0-12 minutes)

Standard accessories:
7 L stainless steel bowl with max. 5 Kg Dough capacity!)
3,5 L plastic bowl for cream
Double beater for egg whites, double beater for cream
Two types of dough hook (hook and kneading spiral cylinder) and scraper
Spatula for cream

We also recommend:
ice-cream maker attachment
citrus juicer attachment
blender attachment
vegetable slicer / grater attachment
meat mincer attachment
grain mill - poppy seed grinder attachment
flake mill - müesli maker attachment
pasta roller attachment
spagetthetti cutter attachment
Fettucine cutter attachment
pasta discs set (use it combined with the meat mincer)
cookie press (use it combined with the meat mincer)
grater attachment (use it combined with the meat mincer)
gfruit-vegetable squeezer attachment (use it combined with the meat mincer)

Accesory packs for great price:
GO GREEN package for fruit and vegetable lovers
DELUXE package for extensive bundle lovers

Technical details

  • Capacity (liter)7
  • Capacity (kg/cycle)5
  • Power (W)1500
  • Electrical connection (Volt / Hz)220/50
  • Width (mm)268
  • Depth (mm)400
  • Height (mm)360
  • Net weight (kg)8.6

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Questions and answers so far

I live in the US and have been looking for a long time for a lilac colored Ankarsum mixer. No one in the Us have one. Are you willing to make an exception and send one to me m? If you are do you know if the electrician plug will work in the US?

- 2022-02-10 15:03:00

Dear Audrey! Especially for US-plug you have to contact the official US-Reseller: With regards, Customer Service