LOUIS TELLIER cherry and sour cherry seeder

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Country of origin: France
Article number: N4044
TARIC code: 82055100
Warranty: 1 year(s)

Product description

LOUIS TELLIER cherry and sour cherry seeder

Practical, high quality cherry and sour cherry seeder. Easily counter-fixable with sucker! Put the cleaned cherry onto the tray, and press out the seeds by depressing the seeder rod recurrently. The  seeds are going to fall into the lower receptacle, the pure fruits can be collected in a separeted dish. Fast and effective work even with larger quantity.

Strong sucker for the stability
Collector dish for seeds
Material: plastic, chromium-plated steel, stainless steel
Easy to clean

Technical details

  • Width (mm)190
  • Depth (mm)135
  • Height (mm)300
  • Net weight (kg)0.50

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