GAMMO potato chipper

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Country of origin: Europe/Asia
Article number: HC-03
TARIC code: 82100000
Warranty: 1 year(s)

Product description

GAMMO potato chipper

Professioanal tabletop manual french fries cutter, steak potato cutter.
Suitable for chopping or cutting potatoes or other vegetables and fruits, e.g. also for apples!
The device can be easily attached to a table with the help of 4 adhesive discs. But it can also be mounted on a wall!

Standard equipment:
3 stainless steel french fries cutting insert set: for 6x6mm logs, 9x9mm logs, 12x12mm logs
Material: staimless steel blades (AISI 420), aluminium frame and handle!

Technical details

  • Width (mm)380
  • Depth (mm)195
  • Height (mm)240
  • Net weight (kg)7

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