ALLIGATOR onion and garlic chopper with container - Stainless steel

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Country of origin: Sweden
Article number: 3094
TARIC code: 82100000
Warranty: 1 year(s)

Product description

ALLIGATOR onion and garlic chopper - potato splitter with container

Practical 3 in 1 appliance: onion chopper, garlic chopper, potato splitter in stainless steel, Swedish quality. Because of the replaceable blades, it is excellent for quick chopping of raw onions, garlic, and splitting potatoes.
From the vegetable squeezed in a definite motion, the final product cubes or columns are placed in the transparent collecting container, saving time and tears.
Easy to use and clean.

Standard chopper units:
- 3x3mm: for chopping garlic, olives, radishes, onions,
- 6x6mm: for chopping onions, peppers or for cutting into julienne shape cucumbers, carrots and other
- 12x12mm: chopping salads or making french fries
Stainless steel blades in plastic frame
Plastic press heads and transparent collecting container
Easy to fit, NEW, large collection container (1100ml)
Stainless steel frame
Dishwasher safe

Technical details

  • Width (mm)285
  • Depth (mm)105
  • Height (mm)122
  • Net weight (kg)1

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