TAKAJE vacuum sealer RED

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Country of origin: Italy
Article number: 69000/2
TARIC code: 84224000
Warranty: 1 year(s)

Product description

TAKAJE vacuum sealer RED

Takaje is a lot more than a single vacuum sealer. The only system that allows you to vacuum pack all types of glass jars with metal lids. This makes it possible to convert waste into a resource, save a considerable amount of time and money, while reducing waste to a minimum.

BPA-free material used only
Cover in white ABS plastic and stainless steel
Vacuum setting by sensor, maximum vacuum: 800mbar
Three different operating modes: Automatic cycle - Manual cycle- Suction in jars cycle
Sealing width: 3mm
Sealing bar legth: 330mm


Technical details

  • Vacuum pump rating (liter/minute)16
  • Power (W)200
  • Width (mm)360
  • Depth (mm)185
  • Height (mm)105
  • Net weight (kg)3,1

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