GTS200 thermo-sealer

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Article number: GTS200
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Product description

GTS200 thermo-sealer

Thermo-sealer for professional use. Great for packing cooked or pre-cooked food in takeaway trays.
Because of the flat baking sheet, it can be used with various sizes of plastic trays. The foil is welded and cut in the same step. The temperature can be controlled digitally.
Recommended for catering, to go, home delivery use!

Capacity: up to 250-350 trays / hour
Welding time: approx. 3 seconds / cycle
Warm-up time: approx. 12 minutes (ideal operating temperature 180°C)
Usable tray depth: max. 200mm
Usable foil: max. 200mm wide
Massive stainless steel construction
Digital display
Adjustable temperature
Easy to use and clean
ATTENTION! The package ONLY includes the device. The required welding frames, trays, sealing foil must be placed in a basket according to individual requirements!

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Technical details

  • Power (W)600
  • Electrical connection (Volt / Hz)220/50/16A
  • Width (mm)250
  • Depth (mm)630
  • Height (mm)230
  • Net weight (kg)10

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