INNOVAGOODS BBQ mesh grill bag (Pack of 2)

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Country of origin: Spain
Article number: V0103105
TARIC code: 82100000
Warranty: 1 year(s)

Product description

INNOVAGOODS BBQ mesh grill bag (2 pcs)

Practical mesh bag for grilling, 2 pcs / pack. Excellent for grilling vegetables and smaller dishes without burning, sticking, falling into the fire.
Place the food in the bag and place it on the grill (avoid placing it on an open flame). The food will cook better and will be tastier thanks to the smoke passing through the net.. With one go you can "rotate".
It will be light, comfortable, more efficient and more hygienic when using the grill.

Package contents: 2 pcs grill bag
Max. Heat load: 300°C
Can be locked with 2 patents
Non-stick, reusable
Material: PTFE material - PFOA and BPA free
Easy to clean
Dishwasher safe

Technical details

  • Width (mm)240
  • Height (mm)280
  • Net weight (kg)0.40

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