EUROCHEF MAXIFRY KL5 automatic double fryer

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Country of origin: Italy
Article number: MAXIFRY KL5
TARIC code: 84198180
Warranty: 1 year(s)

Product description

EUROCHEF MAXIFRY KL5 automatic double fryer

Automatic electric fryer with 2 separate frying chamber for fast food use. You can use it all at once or separately.
Excellent for quick frying of french fries, croquettes, breaded cheese balls, onion rings, fish. Frying time setting option depending on the type of food.
Easy to use: pours in one / two servings of frozen goods (max. 2x600 g), starts frying, the machine dispenses the finished product as soon as it is done.
Fry up to 10-100-1000 servings evenly without supervision and effort.

With integrated odor and smoke filter system - no extractor hood required!
Stainless steel structure
Capacity: 2x600 g/ cycle - max. 20 kg/ hour
Oil tank capacity: 2 x 9L

Watch a demo video on how the technology works!
The video shows POM & # 39; CHEF! The only difference with MAXIFRY is that it can fry 2x600 grams at a time.

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Technical details

  • Power (W)7900
  • Electrical connection (Volt / Hz)400
  • Width (mm)880
  • Depth (mm)810
  • Height (mm)60
  • Net weight (kg)115

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