ELEKTHERMAX 20 liters electric fryer, 700 series

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Country of origin: Hungary
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TARIC code: 85167920
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Product description

ELEKTHERMAX 20 liters electric fryer, 700 series

The elekthermax fryers are excellent for quickly frying potatoes, meat slices and some pasta and vegetables in oil or fat.. Recommended for commercial kitchens, buffets and canteens. Powerful appliances fry food well in as little as 5 minutes. 

Drip function that degreases the finished roast
Completely stainless steel design
Easy to disassemble and clean
Marking the fill level in the frying chamber
Adjustable temperature 130-200°C-ig
Standard accessories: 1 basket made of stainless steel wire mesh, with 2 handles
Basket dimensions: 360x320x135 mm
Chamber dimensions: 396x398x214 mm

We also recommend:
thermometer specially designed for fryers
Cleaning powder specially designed for fryers

Technical details

  • Capacity (liter)20
  • Power (W)9000
  • Electrical connection (Volt / Hz)400
  • Width (mm)600
  • Depth (mm)700
  • Height (mm)850
  • Net weight (kg)39

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